Free Beginners Tips and Techniques for Blogging.


Blogging, what a beautiful word! Blog is a very nice platform for those who want to express their experience, their feelings with anyone. Knowledge is power. To implement our knowledge in various fields perfectly we should be experienced. Everything will reduce by sharing but Knowledge is only thing that never reduce by sharing. In stead of reducing it increases. Therefore, we must try to share our knowledge and experience. Blogging is one of the most beautiful and effective ways to share our knowledge and experience with everyone.

To create a blog we should know many related things. Otherwise our aim will not touch the ceiling. Although the Blogging Platform can do everything for us except writing our article, we have to have a little bit of technical knowledge and know how of Blogging.

My site is only for Beginners and I always try to share my experience using very easy term and process so that a beginner can easily take the tips for implementation.

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Tips and Techniques for Beginners.

Very first seven days of Blogging.11

Tips for Good Content.22

Tips for choosing Blog Platform33

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How to add a widget to your Blog. Tips66

How to place Ads in between two of your recent posts.77

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Tips on Blog submission to Yahoo Search Engine.99

Basic Tips on Submitting your Blog/s to Google for Beginners1010.

Free Tips on Blog submission to MSN/Live search.11

How you can add a Drop Down Menu on the side bar of your Blog.

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